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Custom Integration Software and Mobile Apps

Datawise can build your custom software solutions, including WordPress based websites, customised integration solutions between existing business systems, and Android, iOS and Windows applications. Talk to us to see how we can help make your business more effective and efficient.

What custom software solutions we build

Regardless of whether or not you are located in Hobart, regional Tasmania, or any other state in Australia, Datawise may be able to help your organisation with custom software solutions.

Your business or organisation is unique, often making it difficult or near impossible to find an off-the-shelf software product that will suit the way your business works. To help your organisation be more efficient and effective, you may need a custom software solution tailored to fit your exact requirements.

Some examples of custom software solutions that Datawise has developed in the past include:

  • Employee Rostering application for planning and recording actual time and attendance
  • Membership management software for not-for-profit organisations, unions and other similar membership based organisations
  • Project management and monitoring software for use in international aid projects
  • Data recording and reporting for specific scientific and engineering applications
  • Project and document management software for engineering applications
  • Cross-platform Windows, iOS, and Android Mobile applications including data capture and data entry business apps
  • Whatever your requirements, Datawise can most likely build software to help you achieve your goals.

If your business is based around a franchise/franchisee model, Datawise can build custom software to help manage and run your franchise based business.

How we build custom software solutions

Datawise makes use of leading edge development tools and technologies including Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Framework, C#.NET, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server and Azure cloud services. These software development technologies give us the ability to build powerful and user friendly applications with access to database features and comprehensive reporting facilities.

Our software development team utilise rapid application development methodologies with regular customer reviews to ensure we build a solution that meets your requirements but is also built to a minimum time frame and budget.

Prior to commencing any custom software project, the requirements need to be properly understood. Datawise has software developers with over 16 year experience in analysing the requirements of custom software solutions and gaining a solid understanding of customer’s business challenges.

We apply our specialised knowledge and experience to develop a solution that adds value to your organisation, is robust, secure, user friendly, and most importantly, a software solution that meets your needs.

To ask for a quote or ask us more questions about our software development, follow the link below.