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Managed Network and General IT Help-Desk Services

Network and IT support is crucial for every business; no matter what business you’re in, your IT infrastructure is a core part of your business operations. Datawise can support you so your business can flourish, including systems that implement VoIP phone system, laptop and desktop computers, and cloud services.

Without fully-functioning PC’s, servers, software applications and access to electronic data you rely on daily, your business may grind to a halt.

Many small and medium sized businesses find it difficult to justify the cost of employing dedicated IT personnel to maintain their business networks, but IT infrastructure plays such a pivotal role in modern business practices that very few businesses can afford to operate without ongoing maintenance and on call support for their critical business technologies.

Datawise utilises modern software technology to allow management of clients’ infrastructure, network components, servers, and users’ desktop PCs – remotely, comprehensively and transparently.

Big Business Services, Small Business Affordability

Large companies often employ a team of IT professionals, run an internal Help-Desk and utilise advanced, costly software in order to manage their complex ICT infrastructure. At Datawise, we have already made these investments in order to provide you with a comprehensive management solution at an affordable price.

Now your critical infrastructure can be maintained and supported to the same standard as a large company who employs dedicated IT personnel. Our Managed Network Services can provide you with the combined expertise of a team of IT industry experts at a cost of less than a single full-time experienced employee.

Contact us to find out more about our Managed Network Services and see how our Managed Network Services can Help-Desk your business