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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud Services

With Industry leading tools, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) may be an excellent way for businesses and organisations looking to move away from a paper office to Cloud computing to get started. Microsoft 365 is built using enterprise grade systems which will can save your business tens of thousands of dollars in server infrastructure and management.

Industry leading tools for business

For organisations looking to move away from a paper office to Cloud computing, Microsoft 365 may be an excellent way to get started. Microsoft 365 is built using enterprise grade systems which will save your business tens of thousands of dollars compared to what would have been traditionally required to implement such a system. These systems normally also require high level technical skills to maintain, but with Microsoft 365, the management is taken care of for you.

As well as the many enterprise level services, Microsoft 365 enables highly-mobile and remote workforces to stay connected and up to date with what is happening within the organisation. The tools provided as part of Microsoft 365 allow you to:

  • Build and update your own public website and intranet
  • Access to the latest Office Application suite
  • Manage and share documents, and edit simultaneously
  • Share calendars, and share and discuss ideas
  • Track issues, collect data, analyse data
  • Enter and search knowledge base articles and Wikis

All you need is Microsoft 365 and a web browser or a smart phone. With Outlook and Exchange Online – or even just a web browser – you can stay connected to your email system wherever you are and from almost any device.

You can use your iPhone, or Android smart phone to connect to your email, calendar and contacts database. You can also use your phone to browse your Internal website and read new information that has been posted by other users in your company.

Microsoft 365 integrates with Teams and SharePoint, and using them together can make organisations more efficient. Teams and SharePoint have many more features not mentioned here, so if you are interested in what these tools can do for you, follow this link:

SharePoint Services

Key Benefits of Microsoft 365

There are a number of key benefits of moving to Microsoft 365. If you are considering an upgrade to your network or server computers, we recommend you consider these points before committing to a major upgrade. Office 365 provides:

Easy access to corporate information

Have access your work documents and information anywhere

Low cost

No upfront capital cost on server infrastructure since it is all hosted in the cloud

Subscription based model

No up-front capital expense. Pay only for what you use, and scale up and down as you need

Easy setup

Easier initial setup and configuration than traditional on premise server systems

99.9% up-time money back guarantee

Contact us about a quote to get you up and running in the cloud with Office 365 or follow the link if you would like more information about the Microsoft Office 365 services.