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Sharepoint and Teams

SharePoint is a web platform for building intranets, web sites, or web applications. While explaining all of SharePoint is not possible on a single page, this page will help you to get an understanding of what SharePoint is and how it can help your business.

Sharepoint Logo

SharePoint allows your team to build a company intranet, communities, blogs, or knowledge bases, work on documents simultaneously while seeing each other’s changes and access your data from anywhere. Since SharePoint is a Microsoft platform, it integrates with common workplace programs like those in Microsoft Office, so working with files from SharePoint is just as easy as working with files on your own computer.

Automatic version control and version history means work is never lost. While many businesses store important documents printed out in the office, this can cause confusion about versions, documents can be lost, and they have to be re-printed every time a new version is made.

With SharePoint, the entire process from creating and editing documents, approving versions, and distributing the most recent version within an organisation can all happen online without having to worry about mismatching versions or overwritten documents. SharePoint empowers you with various tools like the built-in survey and discussion-board features allowing you to get feedback on ideas. You can also share information by using the announcements, calendar, links and other tools.


Using Microsoft data centers means you are always able to rely on your sharepoint site being accessible all the time, with no worries about the security of your data.


SharePoint Online sites are compatible with all major browsers and also work on your phone.


Having a SharePoint site built just for your business means it will function exactly how you need it to, including custom workflows, and document libraries.

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